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Kress KSIP (Kress Support Information Portal) is for Kress Customers only. It provides our customers with in depth information on the product. It also provides service bulletins and software updates for specific machines. Sign up for your Portal ID today!!
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Kress Product Support

Product Maintenance & Service

The Kress Product Support Team is here to help you maintain and service your machines to keep them running at their peak. Product Support and Engineering work closely to ensure our machines are easy to maintain and that all parts & service information is up to date. With the use of advanced software, detailed parts & service information and friendly, knowledgeable product support staff, your maintenance and repair downtime will be minimal.


• IQAN Software enables technicians to run diagnostic checks, monitor the machine hydraulic system and apply software updates either in the shop or in the field.

• Cat ET (Electronic Technician) Software allows technicians to pinpoint and diagnose current or potential problems quickly with the Cat sourced components of the machine.

• Detailed, machine specific parts, service, and operator manuals are included with the machine. All Kress manuals are created in house. A full set of Cat manuals are included for the Cat sourced components of your machine.

• Knowledgeable staff is available by phone or email to assist

• Kress Support Information Portal (KSIP) is an online service that allows customers access to parts & service information, service bulletins and software updates for specific machines.

• Parts may be ordered through Kress Corporation and/or the Caterpillar global parts distribution network.